Andrew NG's Updated Course? Any good?

Andrew NG's Updated Course? Any good?

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Table of contents

  • Hey Folks ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
  • Why am I so excited and why should you too?
  • Who the hell is Andrew Ng?
  • What's in the updated course?
  • Where can I access this course?
  • Final thoughts...

Hey Folks ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป

It's Anas here, hope you all are doing great! It's here, finally 10 years later - Andrew NG updated and has released his latest Machine Learning course, as of 15th June 2022. I was dying for this...

Why am I so excited and why should you too?

Well, we all are aware that the Holy Grail of Machine Learning courses was by none other than Andrew Ng, despite it being 10 years old, it has engaged over 6 MILLION students. Nothing even stands close to it!

I started learning Machine Learning somewhere in October 2021, and someone recommended I take this course. I did as I was suggested and when I actually started taking it - I told myself, "There is no way I'm doing this, the mammoth amount of math, the old use of tools (OCTAVE), and the outdated algorithms, it's simply a waste of time." So I unenrolled the course.

But in April 2022, Andrew Ng tweeted that he will be releasing an updated version of his course somewhere in June, and I couldn't believe it! I was dying for this. With the latest technologies taught by a world-class professional - it was nothing but a dream come true!

Who the hell is Andrew Ng?

The former head of Google Brain and prior chief scientist at Baidu, Ng also co-founded Coursera and regularly teaches prevalent courses regarding technology online (COURSERA) and at Stanford.

What's in the updated course?

Nice question, there are a ton of updates to the updated course. For starters, the whole course is coded in Python Programming Langauge, which previously was done in Octave. Octave isn't very popular either, neither is common among beginners. Python is known for its AI applications and is very common among AI practitioners. So the introduction to Python makes this course immensely valuable.

Also, this course requires less mathematical knowledge. In the prev. course there was a ton of math required. Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Advanced Trignometry - it wasn't easy. Especially for those who don't have a very good background in mathematics, including me! However, in the new and updated course - this is no longer a problem, and requires minimal mathematical knowledge - a MASSIVE upgrade!

Not to forget that many new and updated tools will be taught as well. For instance, Sciket-Learn and Tensorflow 2.0 will be presented. Many projects are completed by the end of the course. Also, this course doesn't require you to be a professional programmer - but even a basic or intermediate programmer will understand - which was not possible in the prev. course!

So you probably now understand why I'm so excited and why YOU should be too!

Where can I access this course?

All the courses by Andrew Ng, are on Coursera. Specifically, this course has 3 sub-courses. Each discusses one major topic in Machine Learning.

In the first sub-course, you'll get to know about Supervised Machine Learning. In the second one, you'll go through the Unsupervised Learning algorithms, and finally, in the last module, you'll get your hands dirty with recommender systems and reinforcement learning! Totally worth your 2-3 months!!!!

Here's the link to the course - Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Specialization COURSERA

Final thoughts...

I personally am super excited and as I cannot pay for this specialization, I applied for financial aid on Coursera. You can also do the same. The majority of the time you get it, it's totally worth the try. I've previously taken 2 courses on Coursera, after getting accepted with financial aid. You can surely get approved as well!

I hope the read was pleasant & have a great day!

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