Top 5 Python libraries for 13-year-old enthusiastics!

Top 5 Python libraries for 13-year-old enthusiastics!

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·Jul 2, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • 1. Pygame
  • 2.
  • 3. Curses
  • 4. Turtle
  • 5. Numpy and Pandas and Matplotlib
  • Conclusion

Hey everyone, Anas here 👋🏻

You may have just finished learning Python and might be thinking, what can I do now? Isn’t there anything fun to do, well if you ask me there is a ton of stuff you can do? There are a ton of libraries in Python that you could utilize to build up your python skills and build fantastic, mind-blowing things. There is a reason why Python is labeled as BEGINNER-FRIENDLY.

1. Pygame

Pygame, yes it is an amazing way to enhance your Python learning and code amazing things. Pygame is mostly used to create 2-D games and if you are interested in Game Development, then Pygame is FOR YOU! Trust me, just start learning and make whatever game you dream of, start coding it here and then! You’ll love this module, I did and I loved it. It is also one of the first libraries I ever learned in Python and today, after 2 years of my programming journey — I still implement my basic thoughts in Pygame.

If you’re looking for Pygame recourses, the docs are great, however, if you’re looking for videos then a great place to start is Clear Code, a channel featuring Pygame tutorials. An amazing resource and I personally love all of his videos.


An amazing place for beginners, I started my venture into Python via this library, and trust me you can create absolutely bizarre things. From basic games to complex Machine Learning algorithms, anything is possible.

This is mostly based on creating discord bots and I created a school-discord-bot which was amazing. It had all kinds of features, from mathematical functions to send out reminders on our server. It was a fun project and I’m really proud of it. This library is easy to learn and implement and is an amazing choice for newbies.

However, do keep in mind that this library is now discontinued and instead of this you could use Pycord, which is the successor of It’s 95% the same thing, with some new and updated features like buttons and slash commands. So if you’re a beginner and want to make your own MEE6, Pycord is a great place to begin. A great place to learn it is here:

3. Curses

It’s an amazing library to use when coding terminal-based applications. Maybe you could make a guessing game, or rock-paper-scissors - ALL in your terminal - how cool is that! Endless possibilities and a very beginner-friendly library for absolute beginners and is a very fun and amusing way to learn more about Python. A must for a newbie. You could refer to this playlist by Tim, which is enough to let you make your own terminal-based-applications:

4. Turtle

A very fun and intuitive way to draw elements on a window. It's pre-installed in Python, so you could right away import turtle and start enjoying and exploring the vast, yet very fun library. You could make some dope stuff like 3-D patterns as shown below, which is MIND-BLOWING 🤯


5. Numpy and Pandas and Matplotlib

Yes, you are right — these are 3 libraries and why did I put them into one category? Well, you may have heard about Data Science, and most of the time these 3 libraries are on the top of the list of Data Scientists.

Numpy is all about Numerical Computing, meaning doing complex math stuff. Adding support for large, Multi-Dimensional arrays and matrices, along with a large collection of high-level mathematical functions to operate on these arrays(Vectors and Matrices).

Pandas is the king of Data Manipulation & Analysis. In particular, it offers Data Structures & Operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series. You could do different computations based on the data (Rows AND Columns), create and delete rows, and much much more.

Matplotlib is there for Data Visualization - a crucial part of Data Science and Analysis, whatever manipulation you do with the assistance of Numpy or Pandas or even general Python, you can visualize a graph of any sort, whether it be a bar graph or a pie chart. There are a ton of graphs to choose from, endless actually for all sorts of diverse tasks.

If you are looking for sources to get to know these Libraries, then Corey Schafer and Keith Galli are worth watching, they both give hands-on ways to learn about these 3 libraries which I think is amazing!


Well, that was it and I think learning about these 4 to 6 libraries is amazing. For those who want to further venture into the domain of Python, then these libraries are awesome. Pygame and (PYCORD) are unquestionably a MUST.

I hope you appreciated and learned something today and be sure to clap and follow me. If you have any inquiries, feel free to leave a message. Have a great day and see you next time!

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